How to help

  • You can sponsor a child..

We are still looking for sponsors for a number of children.

If you become a sponsor you will help pay for the kid’s school, better food and healthcare. You will get a photo and some information so you know which child you are sponsoring. You can write your sponsor child letters and send postcards. The kids really appreciate that!

  • You can make a donation for a special project..

We’ll keep you posted on what is happening with the project, the newsblog and the newsletter are our ways to spread the word and tell everyone what we have been doing with your donations.

  • Any other way you want to help out, let us know!

Contact one of our representatives by email:

Feikje is our representative in the Netherlands, she speaks Dutch and English. Feikje spreekt ook Nederlands.

Linden is our representative in Italy. Linden speaks English and Italian. Linden parla Italiano.

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