Peaceful Children Homes

  • Location:

Both homes are located in Cambodia, Southeast Asia.

Home nr. 1 – Sre Ampil

Home nr. 2 – Battambang

  • The role of the Khmer Foundation:

The homes are run by the Khmer Foundation for Justice Peace and Development.

  • The Founders:

Son Soubert & Son Sann founded the homes.

  • History:

In 1994 after two decades of civil war and occupation Son Soubert and Son Sann worked with refugees returning from the camps on the Thai border. They then concentrated their efforts on helping street children and orphans, and used their own funds to purchase land and provide shelter, originally for 25 boys and girls.

Friends of PCH foundation

  • The people behind fopch:

People who have visited Cambodia and seen the homes; volunteers and friends wanting to help out. Some of us have met the kids and all of us spread the word, trying to inspire others to help as well.

  • Activities:

Through a sponsoring program we help provide better food, education and health-care for the children. Additional donations go into educational and fun activities and general improvement of the circumstances in the homes.

  • Get involved:

Contact our representatives to get involved, visit the ‘how to help’ section.